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Press Release - July 5, 2013

Fr. 1166c $100 1863 Gold Certificate Highlights Our Second Platinum Night Event At Central States

Fr. 379c $1000 1891 Treasury Note PCGS Extremely Fine 45PPQDALLAS — The Heritage CSNS events, combined, featured seven lots that all brought prices realized exceeding $1 million, the first time such an outcome has been achieved.

Before these auctions, the most million dollar items sold, combined, at any numismatic auction was three, which Heritage did on three separate occasions in January and November of 2005 and in January of 2010.

A Fr. 379c $1000 1891 Treasury Note PCGS Extremely Fine 45PPQ, sold for $2.585 million as part of Heritage's Central States Numismatic Society U.S. Currency Signature Auction. The note, depicting Civil War era General George Gordon Meade — and once redeemable in gold and the only one known example of the bill outside the Smithsonian Institution — set a world's record price for any paper money ever sold. It was part of a trio of rare U.S. Currency that brought more than $6.18 million all together.

The other two notes in the trinity of record setting bills was a $100 1863 Gold Certificate PCGS Apparent Extremely Fine 40 that realized $2.1+ million and a Fr. 379a $1000 1890 Treasury Note PCGS Apparent Extremely Fine 45, that realized $1.5+ million.