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Auction Name: 2021 April 21 - 23 Central States Currency Signature Auction - Dallas

Lot Number: 22003

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Massachusetts June, 1722 One Penny Round PMG Very Fine 25.
The colony of Massachusetts issued £500 worth of small change notes including a 1d, 2d, and 3d denomination in June of 1722 due to a chronic coin shortage. This is historically significant as it was the first time that paper bills were used in place of small change. Each denomination was a different shape (the 1d is round), printed on parchment, with no signatures or serial numbers. Some claim that the June, 1722 emission was enacted to combat the introduction of the Rosa Americana copper coins into the original colonies. 40,001 of the 1d notes were printed. Given the small size, low face value, and fragile nature of these notes, it is not too surprising that very few survived. Recent research has revealed there are two varieties of this penny, as some display a period after the year 1722, while others simply do not. The note offered is the period variety, which can be observed as the scarcer of the two varieties. These are extremely rare today (although some facsimiles were printed as part of an 1866 book, Remarks on Early Paper Currency of Massachusetts). This example shows some evidence of previous mounting according to PMG. We have sold only one other example of this denomination, formerly part of the Eric P. Newman collection, in 2015 for $15,275. A rare opportunity to obtain one of the most iconic Massachusetts colonial notes around.
From the Colonial Valley Collection

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